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KENDRICK TRAN is an artist. With years of experience working in editorial photography and styling. They have shifted to focus on work behind the camera, including but not limited to Fashion Design & Artistic Direction. As a gay Vietnamese Canadian, they have had a lot of inner turmoil surrounding their identity and self-worth. Turmoil that can be seen in their work.
In a world where one’s self-worth is based on their social presence or what others think of them. They try to contradict that. Making their work a protest against virtual indulgence and what is considered “success” in the modern day. You can see features of faceless bodies, bold text and harsh contrasts. These speak to their dissatisfaction with “pretty privilege”, feeling like you don’t have a voice, and feeling stuck in what is typically known as the grey area. Something that can also be described as the unknown.
Their work is about personifying your dreams, desires, and despair. Making a statement in non-conventional ways. Growing up with immigrant parents, they were taught to always give back to those who have less. To seek peace and happiness above all else. This turned into a passion for humanitarian causes and trying to change the world. They create with a purpose; to inspire others to never settle, be bold and speak up for what is important to them.

"Be vulgar, scream. Its all about sharing your passion with the world."
When you look at their work, they want you to feel something. Anything. In the words of Thom Browne, “people will either love it or hate it, I just want them to feel something towards it”.
You’re Welcome,

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