Boxing day truly is the ultimate catfish...

I get it, tomorrow is the big day for all the stores in Canada (Btw did you know we copied boxing day from the UK? Fun fact!). People will come rushing to all the malls, hoping to cop that piece that they know probably isn't on sale. None the less they will go to the mall, spend all day being overwhelmed, all to try and get a discount. I work in retail, I think this qualifies me to talk about this.

See i'm not hating on mass consumerism. I just find it so funny that people will take part in this modern day riot, just to get a good deal on something they are probably buying just because its on sale. Legit my dad, today asked me what time I'm working tomorrow so that he could get early access to the mall. This coming from a guy that never shops, the idea of him and a mall literally is just as weird as imagining me in a relationship... haha *cries in Vietnamese*. Anywayyssssss, here is where boxing day is a catfishhhhhhh.

See I work at Ted Baker, great company, but retail is retail none the less. Besides the point but just thought i would make that clear. So Ted Baker as a company prides itself on not doing advertising, establishing itself all by word of mouth. We all know that isn't going to work in this modern age, but they have been posting this sale everywhereeeeee, I don't even follow them on Instagram and i see the ads, i think its because i follow my co-workers, that follow them...

This is where the funny part about boxing day comes in... the thing about this sale, is that alongside many other stores, boxing day is the first day of their month long end of season sale. Thus when people come in trying to cop a good deal, they are really playing themselves, as this is only the tip of the iceberg for what the sale is going to be. Our clients aren't supposed to know that, but i doubt you guys are that ignorant or shop here. Not to mention employee or not I only speak the truth, and thats the truth. No shade, no tea, just facts.

So now you know, these sales, they really aren't worth it, at the end of the day if you NEED something and you want to try and get it for a discounted price. Thats lit ma tits, you do you, hopefully you wont get into any fights...

But i think that you shouldn't go to a mall looking for anything just because its on sale, and even if you are going to get something you need or really want. If you need it that bad then you shouldn't be mad about paying full price for it.

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