Coachella 2020: My Plan of Attack!

Y'all as you may or may not know, I got motha forkin Coachella Tickets!!! I know, I know what you are thinking. "Kendrick are you forkin confused? In this climate?". To that, I say in the words of my friend Vicotria "don't fuck with my aesthetic." The world and my life as you have probably seen many times before, currently... not doing well. But there is too much news about it already (to the world at least), I don't want to add to it. Soooooo "here's to looking forward to something after this is all over!"...

Let me tell you, getting these tickets was actually very very easy. I didn't buy them off anyone or any sketchy ass business like that. Coachella (AS THEY SHOULD) have this feature where you can get added to their waitlist and when tickets become available. They automatically charge your card and the tickets are yours. So I did that and the next day my bank account and I were both screaming!!!!! Literally let me paint you an image. I was in the bath (ok maybe... don't... picture it?... or do I don't really care) and I was scrolling on my phone as one does with this nasty ass phone addiction. I checked my email, and they confirmed my ticket!!! Ok, not that interesting of a story. But I literally started dancing in my washroom naked, not that I don't do that normally... But I love that for me!

Of course, I don't actually have them yet, as Coachella is literally 6 months away and they have to actually send me my wristband... BUT let me tell you why I am freaking out about it now.

See as I'm sure none of you are living under a literal rock. You are aware that Coachella has been called the influencer Olympics for the past few years. Where influencers typically go on Weekend 1 to take photos and shit, then go again on week 2 to actually enjoy the festival. Thus why I'm going on week 2. Not only less competition, but mans (even though as of now I am going alone) is trying to actually enjoy the festival. Besides the point... I need to make up for the fact that I had to pay for my own ticket. BITCH, it is not only for enjoyment. Im taking this as a FORKING investment in my future. Not to say that my life goal is to be an influencer per se. Check out my first YouTube video though!

But I do want to be like that of Alexa Chung and Jeffree Star, in the sense that they pursue their passions and have their careers outside of social media. Then used that success to gain a presence on the webs. LOVE THAT FOR ME. Back to the point. I did not pay this overpriced ticket to simply listen to music or to show off to people on Instagram. NONONONONOONONOOOO. Will I be enjoying the music? Of course. Will it be all over my Instagram? Bet my credit card debt it will be. But the main thing I want to get out of this experience is 2 things.

I want to network the shit out of this. It is the most popular festival in the world. You are surrounded by the most successful people; influencers, artists, designers, any and anyone that enjoys music and dancing is going to be there. Is it going to be hard, but it's amazing because it's going to be in fall my favourite season. Around my birthday, so it is a literal sign that I neeeeddd to be there, and I will be the legal drinking age at that time. Drinking makes me talkative and existential. Bet, I am going to try and have real conversations with everyone. That's how you build relationships in my opinion. Really talk to someone, make them feel noticed, and feel like they can come to talk to you. Catch me being friends with miss Rhianna herself after this... As well, I want to garner as much clout as possible. Really get my name in people's mouths. PERIODT.

At the end of the day I just want to get the most bang for my buck, and a major point for me, is I want to get it off my bucket list. After this is off I can focus on other bigger things. My literal best friend Emma Chamberlain said that every year she debates between whether or not she is going to go, but thats different. She's got fat stacks and a brand will probably pay her to be there. CANNOT RELATE.

That being said if any brands are reading this and want me to wear their clothes hit me upppp! Be ready for the outfits. Your wigs will be in the Valley with me.

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