This is how you drop out...

You just watched a video from a friend of mine that just dropped out of University. His name is Elvis (@elvistat). I saw him post this to Instagram and I was instantly obsessed. It got me thinking about dropping out, the reasons I have considered it many times, and the reasons why I haven’t done it yet.

I think school isn’t for everyone. I know an unpopular opinion, but an opinion that has been heard more and more as we get into the age of digital “entrepreneurs“.

After thinking about it. I personally would never, just because I know it would weigh on my conscience knowing I didn’t graduate and get that very expensive piece of paper. Even though I know multiple ways that money and time could have been better spent. Not to mention the number of places and events I could have attended instead of wasting time in classes. ANYWAYYSSS, I am here to talk about how he dropped out.

A lot of people drop out and say that school just wasn't for them, or they go and work a full-time job. 100% respect that, and love that for them. But usually, a common fault is that they don't have a plan and use the fact that some of the most successful people in the world dropped out... Again, love that for you. But please have a passion and a plan. A lot is to be said about being confused and figuring shit out but admit to it. In this situation, he is pursuing film making. Great for him! And this is definitely a good first move. I mean the film made me want to move out... LOLLLLL that's why I am here writing this. See, there is all this talk about dropping out and the power it has and how there are a lot of problems with it. At this age a lot of people are dropping out, for all sorts of reasons, maybe they became TIK TOK famous. I really don't even know. I mean, there is a man named Donte Colley as I'm sure many of you know. he makes videos of him dancing on Instagram with flying emojis all around him. He still goes to school, the same school as I do and Elvis did. School with travelling to L.A. to be in Ariana Grande videos, doing collaborations with brands like Canada Goose and M&Ms. Don't even get me started with his presence at Fashion Week. But he still goes to school. Why? I would love to know...


Someone basically famous goes to my school and I have never even spoken to him. Mind you I go to a small University so not seeing him is a pretty slim chance. DONTE if you are listening, reach out, let's collaborate I have some ideas and clothes I want to put you in. THAT'S IT I WON'T BE POSTING TILL HE TALKS TO ME...




JKJK of course, I mean I love friends, success or not.

But, back to the point. For the people in the creative industries, I think we all know that we probably won't be using out degrees. Most of us don't even need a degree depending on what we are going into, but we still get it anyways! WE LOVE DEBT!!!!!!!


NO, but again its a process and a journey, and who knows some people might even use it as an excuse so that they have a couple more years of hiding from the real world. I feel that sometimes I think that too. LIFE IS SCARY... Especially now with Doug Ford taking away our financial aid, it's hard out here...

I want to end this with a sentence from the song I am currently listening to as I write this. "Don't let anyone tell you what to do or write your narrative."

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