How Burberry Catfished me… I needed it so badly.

Let me start this post off with (not gonna lie I had to rewrite “off with” because the first time I wrote it I put “off-white”. He's a brand hoe or whateva) a yikesssssss.

Ok so you know those times when you think your life is finally coming together, then the universe chooses to test you instead. It's one of those times when life is going well and then something just goes yeeeeeettt right under your feet.

This is how I felt

On the bright side, I thought I would fall over like those cups in that magic trick when it fails. But I didn't or at least not yet… I'm impressed with myself.

Here it is. Here's some background info as you probably know by now I work in retail. It's an interesting time, but I would genuinely enjoy it if I got to work at an upcoming designer. I could learn everything that goes into making the clothes from the fabric to the garment in your hands. Orrrr if not, then working at a designer label would be amazing even if its a small part like retail working for a brand that has a show and makes clothes I am passionate about. The goal is to build a brand myself after all sooooo. In terms of a career that's what I want, to be a major part of a label and its operations creatively. That is me considering being an entrepreneur different from a career if that makes sense. I consider working for someone a “career” and working for yourself “the dream” I guess. Lol, that's kinda odd but that's the best way I could put it. Like freelance is considered a career I guess?... I don't even know. I like to make up weird labels for my life. Anyways back to what you are here for, how Burberry Catfished me. It's going to get spicy, get your memes ready, because it's about to get even spicier than your spiciest memes.

Ok, so I applied around you know, to the usual well-known brands, but I've really been wanting to work with Burberry recently since they've been taken over by Creative Director Ricardo Tisci.

This is Ricardo

They've been headed in a new direction that is so new and fresh. So not Burberry, but still so them all at the same time. Besides their whole scandal with their noose sweaters, he's been killing it.needless to say I would love to be a part of this new shift they are going through. Especially since I love their latest collection. So, of course, I applied to expect to hear nothing. Then, the next day I get an email from a lady in New York. I’m like okkkk is this like an email that slid through the spam filter. It says that they are extremely impressed with my resume and that they want to schedule a Facetime interview. I’m like okkkkk pop off sis. Well, in all honesty, I was like why do you wanna Facetime, isn't it usually a phone interview, but then again it is in a different country and I realized they probably want to see how I look… true…

Or atleast what I looked like before my hair cut. Peep my IG to see what I look like now!
This is how I look

So the interview goes on its a good and fresh time. She’s really cool, and I'm just having a time telling her about myself. Let me just tell you, she literally reiterates that she was really impressed with my resume and experience, even compliments me on my attitude... We are ending the call, and she's asking me which location I want to work at, telling me I am going to get my own phone so that I won't have to give clients my personal number as I do currently, and even get a personal business card.

Here is the twist though, she says “I am going to get the manager of your chosen location (don’t wanna expose where to the world lol) to contact you so you can go ahead and meet them in person. I wouldn’t be surprised if this email came through by the end of the week. NO Email comes through, so I'm like ok, she did say “she wouldn't be surprised”. So I give them the weekend to email me, as the stores are open 7 days a week. The weekend is not an odd time to send out emails. Next thing you know, it's Monday. I get no email. I email her back following up being like heyyyy I didn't get an email yet, can you follow up with the store manager and get back to me. She says yea i'll do that i'll get back to you as soon as I know. A couple of days go by, I'm at work on my break, and I get an email from HR, not even the lady herself or the manager, saying that they will not be going through with my application.

I'm like what? Qu'est-ce que c'est? Pardon? I am so confused, I was let on that I was basically getting the job if not at least guaranteed another interview or meeting with the store manager. I guess not. The craziest thing is I needed this job, there are so many things I have planned for this year, that this job would have helped not only mentally, because if I am going to continue working retail I at least want to move up the ladder, not to mention I would be so proud to sell this amazing collection of clothes omgggg. It would have helped financially as well, with the commission and the hours and all.

At the end of the day though, even though it was rough, and I literally almost had a mental breakdown that day. Since I got a lot of bad news in a matter of 10 minutes (I got other news as well). It made me realize that I have to work that much harder for everything that I have coming for me this year, and it’s motivating me to get shit done. Clearly, the universe is not working out, so I have to make up for it lol. As they say, where there is a will, there is a way.

Don't get me wrong catch me still applying for jobs and opportunities left and right, but let's just say i'm looking for something that I can soon make a side thing... ;)

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