How to make it at New York Fashion Week!


BACK AGAIN! New York Fashion Week is coming up in the next week, and designers are readyyyyy. I would like to premise that I am not going to fashion week this season, as the struggle is real. LOL. It sucks because I was invited to a show and made plans, all to be squandered by funding. IT BE LIKE THAT SOMETIMES I GUESS.

None the less I want to speak about my experiences from last season and what I was going to try and avoid this season. The thing about New York fashion is that the shows are literally everywhere. There is the one building that there for the more lowkey designers in the middle of SoHo, Manhattan. Then there are the larger shows (the ones that everyone wants to go to) that are spread out all over the city and are strictly invite-only. As in, if you didn't get invited you don't even know where the show is going to be. Which was annoying becuase if I was going to get caught for sneaking into a show it better be a show that is worthwhile... That sounds so bad. But I said and I meant what I meant. Though as an upcoming designer. I know that people saying things like that are so demeaning as you have worked so hard on your collection. Just to be undermined. ANYWAYS, not the point of the post. That for another one.

New York is New York. My love, my future, my home. But it is a crazy city, we all know that. When you are there you better be moving with a purpose or it is easy to get lost in all of the craziness. If that's what you want then that's the biggest of vibes, go and get lost. In my opinion that is how you get to know a place while travelling. Never go with a plan, besides the plan to get to know the city. That being said, when in New York for Fashion Week. Bitches better have a plan. My friend Maya and I were there to network and FUCK IT UP. See what the scenery is like, hand out our business cards. BE BOOKED AND BUSY, as one does. Boi was we wrong. It is hard out there.

We planned our outfits in advance. They were straight FIRE... oh im sorry I mean non-binary FIRE. But then, compared to all the other outfits, we were MEH at best. NO one even took photos of us, like what the actual fuck. To be fair we did have to skim down our fits, becuase we did not expect it to be as hot as it was in the Fall. We had layers, accessories. The whole shebang and no one got to see it. It made it worse

You might notice this photo is everywhere on my site. Its becuase all of my favourite photos were taken whilst in New York. *Flips hair* "Its really hard being an influencer"... *Insert crying emoji here*. The next one was my favourite outfit, but again nothing tooooooo amazing...

Again all love, passion and positivity. I loved my outfits. But seeing the fashion out there in New York, really inspired me to take it to a whole other level. And not even care what the standards are here in Toronto. OR what standards are in general FUCK... IT... UP... SO in out average outfits. We were walking around the city, trying to do touristy things while also finding out where the important people and shows were. Did we find them? NO. But we had a good ass time in doing so LOLLL. I think there was a major flaw in our plan. We wanted to sneak into shows but didn't know where the shows were, and when we got to the place where all the lowkey shows were, there wasn't a show going on. We spent the day trying to get into a place where there was no buzz.

I mean we did go out because we did get invites to the show that premiered a ton of Canadian Talent. It was cute! CUTE is the KEY word. HAHAHAHAHA, no shade. I just wish Canadian designers took more risks. The photo above was actually what I wore to the show, and for me 6 months ago. THAT WAS FASHUNNNN. Did I look good of course, but it was just the beginning. Which is why im kinda sad im not going this season. But again... IT BE LIKE THAT. Of course, we went shopping (I bought the alexander wang tee in the 2nd photo!). But failed attempts to go to shows. Lead to prolonged times looking at clothes in stores.

In New York, you have to be like a shark. Always moving. We went in thinking we could wing it. It was stressful and uneventful. A good time, yes of course. Maya and I together is always a good time, especially if you add in Ziare. My friend that lives in New York! But here is what you should do:

  1. Plan in Advance: There is nothing worse than getting lost when you are on a mission. Make sure you know where the shows you want to go to are, and when they are happening. Print out the schedule, ask any and anyone if they know where the shows are going to be! If they know and are willing to help you that's great! After all, at the end of the day, they have nothing to lose by doing so. If you try to sneak in and fail that's fine. The chances are you aren't the only one, you can meet some others that are out here trying to get in (LIKE ME). And at the very least of gotten some photos taken of you.

  2. Dress the part: You may know how to dress and of course, if you are going to fashion week. I assume you have a good sense of fashion or at least some really good connections. But here's the real tea sis. In my mind, it's honestly pretty obvious. Dress as you belong to that show. We all know that celebs and influencers are either dressed in gifted pieces from the designer. So dress like you are the same. Of course, you want to get into as many shows as you can that day, and if you are relevant. WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT YOU ARE WEARING. Most influencers have to go to so many shows they just wear the same outfit to them all. As you are on the up and up you need to really suck ass. It's even harder because you probably won't have a place central as it's too expensive or too hard to get, and I doubt you will have a car in the city to store your different outfits. You definitely are not going to be carrying around a duffle bag either. IDK lol. But you should do different outfit changes so that you are more likely to get into the show becuase you look like you belong. Security won't know as long as its close enough, that is if you get passed security.

  3. DO NOT stop moving: This is a really big thing! If you stop moving you will literally DIE. JKJK, but you will get caught. If you got invited, then take your fucking time. Life is good... cannot relate. But if you didn't which is probably why you are reading this. You have to move with confidence and purpose. If you stop and second guess, then people are going to question you. I think this is a rule to live. Move with confidence so no one will second guess you. This can be applied when you are trying to sneak in through the crowd. But in general, you need to look like you are important and do not have time to waste. Then no one will waste your time. PERIOD. If someone does stop you, make sure you have the right answers to finesse them. Of course, never lie, that might just be the end of you. But finesse and stretching the truth is the way. This is why if you ever see me in person, you will now I walk with purpose and the clacking from my shoes will affirm that!...

  4. Stalk Influencers: One major tool for you, is using the people that did get invited. When it comes to big shows, you will have no idea where and when to be. But if you stalk the influencers, you can assume they are going where you want to be. Follow the people that fit the vibe you want to see. Maybe even make a spam Instagram and follow only the people and brands you want to see, so that there are no distractions. Stay on top of their stories and posts so you know where they are, what they are doing and if you can recognize where that is. The chances are where they are there is buzz, and where there is buzz. There are press and clothes and FASHUN!

  5. Stay fed and hydrated: If you are anything like me when you are focused on getting something done. You forget to eat and drink. You just wanted to get it done , nothing will get in the way. How are you going to run into a show if you are to busy fainting...


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