"Is vegan food even like real food?"

The answer is yes, it's literally the most real food out there. And I'm tired of people judging it before giving it a chance, and this is coming from a non-vegan!!! I genuinely love vegan food because its delicious, nutritious and makes me feel so good afterwards. There's a misconception of vegan food not being "fulfilling" or "satisfying enough". After going to my fair share of vegan restaurants here in Toronto here are 4 (in no specific order) that are definitely worth giving a try for the sceptics out there. It's 2020, step out of your comfort zone and do yourself a favour I promise these places sure will change your mind ;D


Fresh Restaurants

The name literally speaks for itself. The food is actually so good and they're having happy hour where you can get $8 meals!! My favourites are the squash tacos, nachos and quinoa onion rings (don't get the dumplings those were overrated). Definitely recommend getting the chipotle mayo dip to go with the onion rings, dipping sauces are everything to get the whole experience. Hands down Fresh on Front is the coolest location with the most extravagant interior design. This hidden gem is a nice escape, literally takes you to somewhere in New York or LA. Staff is friendly however they do like to comment on how much you ordered and that's happened at 2 different locations, bad bitches eat good what else can I say. The delicious food and deals are what keep me coming back for more! I'm so excited for their new location opening at Sherway Gardens, love having this amazing restaurant so close to home!!


Kupfert & Kim

I think about this waffle all the time it's the perfect size and not too sweet. They also have this amazing guacamole burger like WOW hi flavours. I wouldn't go for the bowls again but the baked goods are delicious. They have a hello dolly bar which I grew up eating from Second Cup, this vegan version was not bad they switched the graham cracker crust for something a little healthier like dates. I really like the Yorkville location because it has a really cool and bright hip cafe vibe. It's a great place to hang out with friends! If you're looking for a place to get Sunday brunch this is the spot for you, it has something for everyone whether you're craving something sweet or savoury. I'm very particular with my matcha, its either a hit or a miss and I must say the one from here was actually good when paired with maple syrup!


Sorelle and Co

OMG, my heart! The cutest place with the best savoury food. The lasagna, shepherds pie and panini are amazing. The baked items are ok but the smoothie bowls hit differently. They seriously had the cutest little spot in Yorkville that I've been to quite a few times. I would say this is the first restaurant of its kind that I've been to that's vegan and allergen-friendly (that means its gluten and nut-free!!) Unfortunately, they have closed to focus on wholesale in order to reach out to more people that have issues finding allergen-friendly food. But they still have their flagship location open in Maple where I had high tea for my sister's bridal shower. The staff are always friendly and its always an amazing experience. Every time I leave I'm already thinking about when I'm going to be back!!


Donut Monster

WOW WHERE DO I BEGIN BEST DONUTS I HAVE EVER HAD ok so not exactly a vegan restaurant BUT they do offer a large selection of vegan and non vegan donuts which i was amazed by. And let me tell you that when you try one of their vegan donuts you will literally think NO WAY THATS VEGAN. It's seriously that good!! My all-time favourite is the coconut cream-filled one, that is the first donut I got from them not knowing it was even vegan. My mind was blown, the cashier did tell me it was the best coconut donut she ever had and I can truly say with my chest its the same for me. Donut Monster originates from Hamilton but they do have a small location here in Toronto at the Stackt Market. This is one of the restaurants that I happened to stumble upon on my own. I didn't know about it from Instagram or anything else and I was seriously in for a good surprise!

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