Louis Vuitton Bandana's.

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Let me tell you a story about how I spent an amount I would rather not talk about on 2 bandanas. Similar to the topic of all of my previous posts, we are again talking about new York. Yikes. So whilst there I went to the pop-up as you my know.

You know I was at the pop-up living my best life, browsing, finally feeling as though I belong. You know, as much as you can belong is a place with things worth more than your life. Love that for me. Anyways for I had things in mind like a bag (which looking back I'm glad I didn't get because BITCH where the f is that funding coming from... Anyways so then I ask for a specific scarf, they don't have it, show me another one. Made of a fabric that is literally the same material as shirts in a wet t-shirt contest look. Can some one please tell me why you need a scarf, that does keep you warm and is designed to be worn in the summer? Please, like am I just asleep, or am I right to be confused. Like HALLO!

Moving on, the SA let's have a through back, we called him Migz. He shows me 2 bandanas and might I say they are mighty spicy, they are clear depictions of what the collection was inspired by "The Wizard of Oz and the Yellow Brick Road".

Iconic am I right. So I take a look, and keep in mind Im really into the preppy clean look. Which includes ascots and neck ties. PErFecT. So they are sexy, iconic, and one of the items within my price range, we are all set. Yes the price is within my limit, but the bandanas are made of cotton, is that worth. It's within my budget, but am I about to spend that much, and 2 sheets of cotton. Once I got home, my friend was like "It looks like my auntie found that in a flee market...". Thanks, Megan. Clearly I already bought it by then though, and to be honest I wasn't feeling ways, I was sending myself BDE at that time. TO be fair it was a whole as experience which made it worth it, but damn.

In the end though I was going to go with something else, but my card got declined... soooooooo... thats a story for another post.

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