Louis Vuitton gave me a life lesson.

Ok so heres the tea. Obviously no one believed I talked to Louis Vuitton himself (*camera zooms in to you saying "NO SHIT"). But heres just an update on my life then. So if you know me like at all you would have known I posted a ton of stories of me in New York last week. (If you don't follow me on Instagram please do, I love stalking more people) It was a first super spontaneous trip.

Louis Vuitton was having a pop-up in major cities around the world to allow people who knew about them, to have early access to Virgil Abloh's first collection for Louis Vuitton. Not to mention if you know anything about Louis Vuitton, you would know that they had huge installations, for the collection all over the world. The one in New York was a 12 story 3D image of one of the runway models in rainbow.

So naturally being the fashion enthusiast I am I had to go to New York to see it, not to mention since i'ver never been there before. I was like "2 birds with one stone". Keep in mind this is happening during my 8 am lecture last Monday. Here is where it gets spicy though. So the pop-up ended last Thursday as the collection released the following Friday. That meant in the moment that I was thinking this, the pop-up was going to end in a mere 3 days.

I thought to myself "i've been wanting to make a spontaneus trip" "i've always tried planning some, but they never actually happened" "is this about to happen rn?". I messaged my friend that I meet in London, England. She lives in New Jersey. I was like "are you trying to come through" and with some convincing we agreed this was going to happen. I planned on leaving Tuesday morning after my lecture, and come back Thursday morning before my lecture. I would be there for less then 48 hours.

I then proceeded to book my Airbnb and my plane tickets. Went home packed and I was ready to go. That was the first time I bussed to the Airport. My parents had no idea still btw, the only people that knew where my friends that helped me plan it, and then the friend i was meeting. Thats it, not even my group chats knew haha.

I may tell you more about my trip in a later post. But this post is about the event itself. Here's what was popping at the pop-up. It was hosted at the Chrome Hearts flagship in New York and it was truly stunning. To get to it, you had to walk through and alley, and ask this man standing in front of a black door, if that was the event. We arrived at night, needless to say, I was not exactly sure, if talking to a random guy in front of a unbranded door was the best idea. My friend was like "just ask, speak for yourself bitch"... shook, i asked and boy was it worth it. The guy was soooo nice! See in order to get into the event you were supposed to get tickets, but they let us in anyways!!! Thank god.

Me and my friend just playing around!

We get in walk up this huge ramp and are instantly greeted by these Advisors in the nicest black uniforms with rainbows and chains all over it. (I wanted to take a photo with my SA, but it didn't happen.) Besides the point, but they were soooo nice. I won't give you his full name, but for this purpose ill give you his nickname "Migz". He was so cool and let us try literally everything, he even let us film and take photos, which wasn't that big of deal, but still.

He even let me walk around in these amazing shoes, that apparently i was'nt allowed to walk in...

I was going to get these shoes... but again. A conversation for another post...

When I say Louis Vuitton gave me a life lesson, I mean our SA "Migz" that works at Louis Vuitton. As I was sitting on the couch waiting to try on these shoes (in which he was so nice enough to force me to try) he literally told me "I don't even care if you buy these, you need to try these" I thank him for that. He sat us down, started off making small talk, asking about our lives. Here's the thing, when I mean small talk I don't mean like small cute conversation, he was sooooo easy to talk to. I honestly didn't want to leave the event I just wanted to hang out with him haha. None the less we are sitting there, he has the shoes in his hands, but he forgot to give them to me, because we were so into the conversation. Me being so eager I was like I should probably try them on, right... I try them on and they were amazing. An amazing $1200 US though...

Yes yes, I know shoes that aren't even read bottoms for that amount... but when i say they were amazing, I mean I have never seen a shoe that I would want to spend this money on more. Even if we were to say they were worth only a mere $200, I was so excited to pay the $1200 because thats how good of an experience I had. I still would to this very moment of writing this post.

Migz talked to us about life, finding happiness, defining success, coming from humble beginnings and sending out the right energy and working for what you want. He asked us what we wanted to do, we said (or more realistically my friend said, and I thought) entrepreneur. He told us "the fact that you are even thinking like that, is so crazyyyy, you are already on the right track" in that I was shaking. I really could not believe this was all happening I am spontaneously in New York, at a Louis Vuitton event, getting a lecture about life. It was euphoric, truly. His passion for life, and working at Louis Vuitton truly had me feeling ways.

You are probably thinking "how does this Migz have any right to be giving you advice on life. He first of all was hand picked to work the event so theres that. Not to mention he told us that one of his past clients, looked at him in the eyes and said "you will become a millionaire one day". I definitely do not doubt that for him.

Migz if you read this, I hope you know you've changed our lives. It truly made for the best 48 hours of my life. I plan to see a lot more of you, no matter that be on my Instagram feed or in person.

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