Being a MINIMALIST, in fashion.

Ok hi, people of the internet. It is me once again, in the flesh through the screen. Within the humble abode that is my home. Last time, we got a little deep. This one, this one is going to be informational. If you wanna find out why I am a minimalist go ahead and check out my last post.

Minimalism... If you do not know her, you have probably been hiding under a rock as this is such a big thing now. But anyway, it is essentially the pursuit of only keeping material things if they add value to your life (KON MARI) or are essential.

Today we are going to dive into how I wear all black and manage to work in fashion. As discussed in my most recent YouTube video! GO CHECK IT OUT!

I mean I would say just watch the video... YOU BETTER WATCH THE VIDEO AND SUBSCRIBE. Buttttt I'm not going to force you to do anything. Besides I'm sure this is one of the few things you will have read in the last couple of months. So why not! I will be giving you the run down though...

This isn't a topic that is new in the industry or new to fashion in general. I just wanted to talk about it because I used to wear only white T-shirts and black trousers. I mean, the plan is one day to be at a point in my life where my work speaks louder than the clothes I put on my body, thus ill get to go back to having a uniform. Which as you can now tell will be all black (not even a white t-shirt... no ma'am). None the less, in my last post you saw why I pursued minimalism and now that I am more into fashion, or so I think... I needed to step my game up. Thus why I even let myself wear white in the first place; not only does it look good on me (male or colour clothing wise) but it allowed me to use contrast to my advantage. Now that I have committed to all black, I have had to find ways to do the monochrome edgy e-boy look. While remaining fashion-forward, and well... me.

Start off with a strong base. In my video, I start off with my favourite outfit. And this should be your favourite outfit. In general, when it comes to fashion it is important to start off strong. I see a lot of people throw on a cool jacket but forget about the shoes. Wear a nice belt, but forget about the rest of the outfit *cough cough* most peopleeeeeeeeee.

Don't get me wrong, please do show off the belt buckle that is as large as your ego. I applaud you because clearly, this belt shows me that you care about people's opinions so much, that you don't even care that they're not exactly good opinions!

Again, this is my personal opinion so who knows what I have to say. But just notice how most of the people that are the faces of fashion don't flex like that. Or at least the ones that deserve to be there anyway. None the less, your basic outfit belt and all, should be your favourite outfit. This goes for colour or no colour. You need to be sure that when you go over to your aunties' house and have to take off the jacket, take off the shoes. That you still look good. You feel? I realize in the photo I am wearing a jacket, but that BASE though, my GAWD.

This is where I will go ahead and mention the fit of the pieces the pleats on the pants and the oversized fit of the tee, is essential. It gives the illusion of a cinched waist and volume around the hips and body. ESSENTIAL.

That being said do not be afraid to play with the fit of your clothes. In this picture, I copped this polo. Originally what would be an XL now just looks like a nicely oversize cropped polo. When it comes to playing with one colour, you really can't be afraid to take risks and try new things. Even when it comes to adding colour and following trends.

I know, I know, "this IS SO CONTRADICTORY KENDRICK". WHaT thE FuCK is happening? Hear me out, You may or may not be able to tell in this photo. BUT...

Do not be afraid to add some colour. The way I see it as long as the base is black and you LOVE the piece enough. Allow yourself to have fun with it! Even when it comes down to the details and prints on your clothes.

Prints are a huge thing in monochrome fashion. Though I will not lie and say that the minimalist in me, hates prints and patterns, there is something about a sexy print and pattern that hits different. In the above photos, these are all things I made myself. But you can see how this little white detail makes all the difference. Notice how it's still only white no actual colours. Butttttt stillllllll.

It is also important to use texture, this is something HUGE in monochrome fashion. If you are not one for prints. Then it is no secret that texture and fit are your biggest things to look for. But the texture is what gives your outfit dimensions, you know. Keeps you from looking like an inkblot walking around.

The pants are amazing. WOMENS from Aritzia. Clothes are clothes you like it, you wear it. Periodt. Anyways these patent pants add a whole new level to what would be a seemingly normal silhouette and fit pant. It takes the outfit to this luxurious looking aesthetic, where paired with the right pieces really elevates your look. When I speak about the texture I really mean about the second photo. For example, adding the shearling and the leather to the patent look. Really took it to a whole other level. Mixing the textures and materials make an outfit pop. When wearing one colour it is really easy for the pieces to lose their desired effect or not shine as loudly as they deserve too. So by wearing their textured pieces, it makes your outfit almost 3D.

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