OFF-WHITE FW20: The BEST collection of all time?

I am going to start this one off by stating my stance on this collection. It is personally my favourite collection of all time... Of any designer, any brand, and season. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS COLLECTION! In true blogger fashion obviously I am not going to say this without backing up my point. I am going to run down what made this collection so amazing, from the biggest points to the smallest details.

You guys may or may not know of the Instagram that foes by the name Diet Prada they made a post about the collection that is honestly really really funny...

Though I do strongly disagree, and you can clearly see differences in the dresses with or without the jacket. That being said though they are similar dresses; in technique and design, but there are differences that make a big difference. Also maybe he did this on purpose. PR game on point. LOLLL.

I wanted to bring that up as it is a good transition to my first point about the collection.

If you are fans for supermodels you may have noticed how the show had all of the Hadid women featured in it. Virgil opened the show with Bella and closed the show with Gigi, featuring their mother Yolanda right in the middle.

Not only was it a powerful statement to have some of the strongest models in the game all in one show. He later posted that the reason for doing so was because he feels as though the Hadid women are the very "essence of what OFF-WHITE stands for."

I totally agree with this, Gigi and Yolanda for sureeeee. Bella, I am not as confident about that. None the less a powerful trio that I think wears the brand from the inside out. Not only do they wear the brand, but I feel that the brand also wears them.

You can notice the dresses that Bella and Gigi are wearing, just to of many dresses, an area that Virgil is becoming much more fond off these days. This collection showed some dresses that are nothing short of jaw-dropping.

The dresses are so powerful and unique. The asymmetrical realness that is being served is a wow for me. Especially the look on the left. The contrast of high fashion and the camo street vibes is exactly what I think Virgil's design aesthetic is. The irony of making streetwear high fashion. It is so new and fresh. Despite him saying that streetwear is going to die...

No, but in all seriousness, he keeps the designs in this collection new and fresh and fun. Even the way he plays with prints, cuts, and silhouettes. It was a breath of fresh air. I caught myself so entranced by the show.

The outfit on the left is a blurry photo of a woman. Printed onto the jacket and pants. The art of that, it is so well done. Especially with the little ruffle bike chain detail on the side. The middle photo with the silhouette of the dress paired with the leather pants and that bag, OMG THE STYLIST was living their best life. Lets not even get into the accessories. We will talk about that later... But the spray paint detail on the edge, just the little things wowowwowow. Now, the look on the right. I love everything on it. If it was in black, bet my poor ass, that I would buy that. Every FUCKING thing. The Cropped suit trench coat mix is amazinggggg, then the quilting attached, with the mesh shirt underneath and that satin bag. MY ENTIRE WIG, DISAPPEARED, DISAPPEAREDDDDDD. The touch of the cow print in this collection too, wow. A little morbid, because the leather in the collection probably came from a cow, and now they ware using the print of the cow too... ANYWAYS, the art...

You can see he changed a piece, by mixing the trench coat with the quilting and the suit jacket in the right look. His talent for reimagining clothes really shows. You can see it even more so in these next two looks.

This seemingly simple look is completely changed with the addition of a hole (as a reference from his "Meteor Shower" collection last year.) The cow print on the bag, and then adding the little bit of what looks to be snakeskin on the sandals. Changing a plain outfit to something that is just that little bit more fashion-forward.

Then in this look: the one exaggerated earring, the high large collar, the slits in the bottom, then the nuts and bolts inspired clutch. Wowowowow, people always tell me to look at the little things in life. Is this what they mean?

Talking about the little things. We then have to give the details and accessories the attention they deserve.

The details are what really confirms that Virgil is the king of streetwear. Using the bike chain and adding it to elegant pieces such as a silk slip dress (that's CRAZYYY). Then the orange bag is a remake of the iconic Meteor Jitney Bag he sent down the runway previously in black and white. Now in orange and now also in a smaller size. People say it looks like cheese... but I want it for the art. A "SCULPTURE" indeed. Then the last bag, though a seemingly normal oversized tote bag, the fact that the bottom is in a hexagon. It really completes the garage, the mechanic vibe he was going for. WOW

Then last but not least you can't forget how he looked coming out for the finale of his show...

SO casual, yet so powerful and effortless with those combat boots and leather pants. A true icon. I have never been more proud to have a tattoo for him on my arm.

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