Retail is coming for your job... Does that make sense?

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

See heres the thing. It is said that everyone should have a job in retail at least once in their life. It teaches you about dealing with people and overall how to like hate life, but work through it. I guess you could say retail in itself is honestly a life lesson.

Here is why I say working retail is coming for your job though... I realize that the job market is rough, and no matter what you studied we all know worst comes to worst working in retail will be your back up. This is where i think it gets tricky. See god forbid that, that is what life has planned for you (unless retail is your cup of tea, then live your best life). I think that if you start off working in retail there is no going back from there. Does that make sense?

"Things can only go up from here"

I work in retail, thats been a thing we been knew. Anyways I tend to you know... hate it hahaah thanks! So i feel like once you work somewhere you hate with a passion, you learn to grow and see what you need to do so that you no longer have to work here anymore, you feel. When you hate something with a passion, at least you find a passion. It gets to a point where working itself is motivation to work harder for you goals in life. I find that to be something so special about retail. Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of people who are so proud to work at H&M, its just not my cup of tea. And in the words of Eugene of the try guys "Im right, you're wrong, shut up!" :)

Lowkey why does that guy in the picture look sort of like me? Its probably just because we are asian tbh/

But back to the point. Retail workers are the next game changers or hard workers?... honestly i wasn't even confident in that last sentence. But you read it, so clearly i don't really care for changing it. I know quite a few people (when i say a few... i mean A FEW) that go to Schulich (this apparently big deal business school in Toronto) yet they have either never had a real job before or just started their first retail jobs. Someone i know that goes to that school, got a job at Ted Baker a couple months after I started there, soooooo clearly the school you go to isn't everything... What was i saying again?

That leads me to another point about "the school you go to doesn't matter, its what you do at that school that matters". I know that the above thing I said isn't like any substantial evidence that what I said is true. There is no denying that, that is true though. Look at drop outs it wasn't about the school that they didn't go to, it was about what they did with the time they were not spending in school.

oh yea, so all in all (acting like this is some next formal essay conclusion) retail is coming for your bum, let it be now or later... and if you never end up working retail or at least in food. Lets be friends, because i could use some of that privilege and need a little more ignorance in my life tbh. What I mean by that, because I know thats a very general statement (and i know a lot of people that have actually never worked a retail or food job in their life, so lets not start trouble). Is that realistically, in comparison to the amount of work you do for the pay. You can't tell me that you aren't luckier or happier then the people that work in jobs such as fast food, or again retail. And because you have never worked in it, you will never truly understand.

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