The Ultimate Interview Outfit!


The dreaded interview. Where you have to not only speak up and try to prove yourself to someone else. But the one time where you have to look really professional. To make matters even worse, if you are like me and work in fashion. You also have to dress the part. Not in the sense that in any other industry you don't have to look good. I mean that you have to really put in that extra effort to prove you know what's in fashion. It's not only about your experience and what you have to say. It is about what you have to say with your outfit as well. I will be going further into this in another post. Personal branding, it is key to the way you look to others. It's not about what others think of you, but about who you come off as to the people that matter. I am going to show you what I think every interview outfit should look like in 2020.

Of course, you can go with the classic interview outfit. A whole suit... ACTUALLY I take that back. Wearing a whole ass suit sends you are trying too hard vibes. I personally think that your outfit should look like you are attending an event later in the day. So you had to dress up, but you still want to look cool. The outfit despite the industry. It can make or break their perception of you.

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine you are the one interviewing someone. Let's say you are the manager at a Law Firm (for relations to an industry not in fashion), and let's say the person you are interviewing is a guy. Let's say that guy is me. I arrive and im wearing brown Khakis and a plaid button-up, brown belt, and brown shoes... I don't know about you but to me. It seems like im a push-over. I don't know what im doing and im not serious about my job. I didn't even take the time to get a fitted jacket or colour coordinate my outfit. How am I someone that wants to work at your law firm, and be a leader, a delegate, a lawyer? If I don't even know how to take control and look confident. The imagine I come in wearing a whole ass suit. We can assume it fits perfectly (very rare that people wear fitted suits) and that it is the classic black and white. Safe Easy and fun right? WRONGGGG. that the exact problem. Me wearing a suit sends the message that I am serious, but maybe I try a little too hard because I came dressing to solely impress you. I wore this uncomfortable suit, which probably doesn't fit right, to come and sit in front of you for a maximum of an hour. This is where it gets even more down to the nitty-gritty. What tie am I wearing if one at all? Is it the classic tie? That sends off that I really tried my absolute hardest, I fucking googled how to tie a tie... Is it a bow tie? That means im fun, but also a little reckless and don't know how to act in serious situations. Finally, imagine I come to you in an all-black outfit. Wearing boots, a fitted jacket, and maybe a t-shirt. Nicely fitted pleated pants that you can tell they are really good quality. Maybe I look like this...

Maybe not with the cropped jacket... that's a little too fashion for a law firm (again a reminder that it changes per position, but generally). This outfit, is me telling you that I am stylish, up with the current trends, young, energetic, ready for work. It shows that I am relaxed and nice to have on your team, but not too relaxed that I'm a pushover. That I am ready to work and look confident while doing so.

It's kind of like dating. Knowing when to be persistent but not clingy. Try hard, but not look like you are. Looking like you want that job, but don't NEED it. After all, in an interview, the point of an interview is for you to prove how you can add value to their lives.

So, like in my TikTok. This is how anyone (this works for all genders) can look better for an interview in 2020.

  1. Always button up all the way. If your shirt cant go all the way because it feels like its choking you... then your shirt is too small... as simple as that. It should feel almost like you are wearing a turtle neck. Fitted to the body, allowing you to breathe and move without restriction. If you unbutton it looks unprofessional, and if you disagree with that. Then do it so that you won't look like a friggin douche (that goes out to the ladies too).

  2. Wear high-waisted pants. Men get over your egos, at the end of the day why not wear them for the sheer fact that it'll make you look skinnier at the waist.

  3. Crop your jacket. This one is one of the more fashion-forward ones, but its a good way to show that you are current and in fashion. Still keeping that professional edge, but adding something that will differentiate your suit from all that others. Plus it'll show off your high-waisted pants!

  4. Put on boots, not shoes. Boots have a character to them. A character that the material and length of them give, that shoes cannot. Don't wear just any though. It's my biggest pet peeve when people wear suede boots with a suit or formal outfit. The point of your outfit is to look sleek and clean. Adding suede is simply a juxtaposition that was not needed. Also, you have to where slim boots, y'all chunky shoe looking asses really be playing games.

  5. Add Jewelry. This one is important. Very, very important. You can do all of this to your outfit, and ruin it with the metal. Keep it clean and sleek. It's all about personal branding. Especially with the uprise of jewelry in the industry. It is important that you accessorize. Not too much or it'll look like you are going to a fight... not an interview. And not too little, because again... it'll look like you don't know what you are doing. I think you all know about my Balenciaga Eiffel Tower ring...

Yea this one. Don't pull shit like this, unless its a FASHION job, even then. Be careful.

That's it! GO FUCK IT UP! Of course, at the end of the day, it is important to look the part. If you don't act the part then who the fuck cares... I wore the video in my TikTok for an interview myself! Let's see how that goes.

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