Why your f***king age shouldn't matter!...

I know I know, this has been a topic that has been talked about time and time again. People being underestimated for their age. When I talk about age, I don't mean in terms of love, because as a Homosexual Male that likes mature men, I think I know that Love is Love.

People that know me, know that I act like 5 years older then I am. But something really triggered me today on this topic. Age is something that has held me back my entire life. As someone working in fashion, I know that no is a common thing to hear, but this had me mad. The fashion industry as we know it is already a really discriminative Industry. At least fashion in terms of retail. So let me get down to it, today I had an interview with Versace. You know, no big deal its just mother f'ing Ver-sauce-e. Who in their right minds wouldn't take that opportunity? So you know, I go into the store feeling all nice, I even dressed in my nicest black and white outfit that a broke college student can possibly afford.


Discounted Ted Baker Trench

Uniqlo Plain White Tee

Matt and Nat Black Belt

Uniqlo Black Chinos

Call It Spring Oxfords (with the fake leather scratching off...)

Black Ring (placed on my ring finger to make me look older)

Imagine me a small gay Asian boi, walking up to this gold store...

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Anyways I walk-in you know acting like it's not big deal, and I'm not gonna lie, Versace isn't one of my favourite brands like at all. But it sure is TODAY yes sir!

So I walk-in get no greeting I'm like, okkkkkkk I get it its boujee no need to talk to peasants am I right? I'm walking around minding my own business for a good 5 minute till someone is finally asks if I need help. This lady gets right to the point. "Do you need help getting anything" I get it, make that commission sis. So I turn around and go I'm actually here for an interview ;) acting cute and all. She hesitates, I can tell in her mind she is like "really?..." and in mine, I'm like "yasss queen gather up your manager for me please". Hahahaha

None the less the manager comes out, and she came out quick. A lot quicker then I did (if you know what I mean...) she's like "Heyyyy... Kendrick?" I'm like "YEP" She's like "I'm Yvonne" and I go "Nice to meet you" and then we sit outside the store and have the interview. This is how it went (it was low-key kind of a blur, but I'll sum it up for ya):





Honestly, it kept going on and on. I left the points above empty because the small talk leading to my inevitable disappointment

Here is what was said that does matter...

Manager: Thank for coming! It was nice to get you!

*starts getting up*

Me: No, thank you. I'm sorry I didn't impress you in that way

Manager: Oh, it's not that you didn't impress me...

It's that you don't have enough experience in "Luxury Retail"

Me: I've been working premium for 2 years

Manager: I have people that have been working in Luxury for over 15 years now


From looking at this you are probably like this is a little kid that is mad that he was turned down. Sorry, to say but that is simply not the case. To clarify this has nothing to do with me personally. This conversation is implying that in order for me to get a job in Luxury or many jobs in general that I am basically going to have to be 30... It the idea that in an industry like fashion they praise the people find a way to make it, but they aren't rooting for you. This is something that is totally fine because we love being underestimated. Though in all of this the point I'm trying to make is that we are the generation of creators and passionate trendsetter, artist, sales associates that are going to make Toronto the next NEW YORK.

I wish I could have said something to the manager, thus why I am writing this post right now. "THE REASON I DON'T HAVE THE LUXURY EXPERIENCE TO OFFER YOU, IS BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU, ARE DENYING ME THE OPPORTUNITY!"

If there is something that I hope anyone or you, my only reader will take away from this post is "Welp, it looks like we are going to do it for ourselves. On the bright side, when we do do it. Beside our names in the headlines, it'll say 'At such a young age?!'"

Thanks for reading

Love Always,

Kendrick Tra(i)n

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