You weren't expecting this...

Ok OK its not like you were expecting anything at all... I mean I hope I have some fans "I love my fans" said anyone relevant. But I a have a story and I wanted to share it with you. If you saw my last post you would know I went to New York last week to attend the Louis Vuitton pop-up for their SS19 collection with Virgil.

Its nothing tooooo special per say all I did was decide to pick up and go to New York city for 36 hours. That may seem crazy, but the way i think, that was normal. To be honest I think in order to live the way you want to live. You just have to do it. So I did it.

I was sitting in my lecture bored out of my mind, then I realized. "I didn't travel anywhere over the winter break!". You know thats not something out of the ordinary, but I made it a thing to try and go somewhere every break. So when I saw that the Louis Vuitton pop up was going to close that same week. I had to hop on it. It was a sign, with my love for fashion and being spontaneous, it just had to happen. Not to mention I haven't seen my friend Zaire (an amazing girl i met in London while on my Internship abroad) in so long, so thought heres my chance to do that as well!

The pop-up aside. I wanna talk about the trip itself, it was crazyyyyyyyy. I planned it so that I left right after my lecture at school on Tuesday, and so that I would land back in Toronto with a few hours to nap and show up to my lecture on Thursday. Need less to say I was there for a mere 36 hours.

I get there have my AirBnb host come pick me up from the airport, which costed me $50 by the way like damnnnnnn. Anyways, so of course the first thing I do is try Chick-Fil-A. Literally i didn't even go to my AirBnb first i legit told him to drop me off at Chick-Fil-A right next to Time Square, where I met Zaire. It was a time and a half. This is the first time where I landed somewhere and truly felt like I was there. Do you know what I mean? I truly felt like I was in New York. Ofcourse even the driver was interesting. We had a long conversation about life and what its like to be GAY. Like who gets picked up and just talks about sexuality. Like damn... it was a good time. (The only part that sucked about that is that at the end of the trip, he forgot i was gay, and though me and Zaire were dating). From there ofcourse we went to Time Square, it was so mesmerizing. 100% it was less impresive then I thought, but I could just stand there and look up for hours tbh. It was just a whole ass moment.

From there we literally just walked around and got lost. Which probably wasn't the best idea considering it was colder then i thought, and i was on edge the entire time because we were in New York of course. I just couldn't get over the idea that i could get robbed any second. You definitely do get used to it eventually though. Besides the reason we were there to go to the Louis Vuitton Flagship and take a pic with the iconic building.

and attending the pop-up. Just being able to totally forget about life and just walk around being on edge for a couple days was a good ass time. Flying around last minute really gave me a sense of adventure and really refreshed my drive, and sense of freedom. It set the mood I want to have towards the rest of my life. Literally just walking around we came across iconic places like Nike's Innovation Lab, the empire state building, the flat iron building, central park and even a plentiful supply of vegan restaurants. Also include people fighting if you would consider that an iconic tourist part of NYC.

OHHHHH almost forgot, didn't see any subway rats... Is it weird that I was actively looking for them?

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