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Black HETEROCISNORMATIVITY Cropped Tee & Exaggerated THE MIDI SKIRT (from THE ICONS Capsule Collection)
Handmade in Toronto using locally sourced materials

A few months ago, after applying for The Amiri Prize. I took a solo trip to Quebec City. I went needing a reset. I thought, let’s go to the closest place where I don’t fluently speak the main language. While there, a lot changed for me. I finally saw my first ever Alexander Mcqueen exhibit, learned I actually enjoy being in spaces where I don’t speak the language, and ultimately rediscovered my independence. This look is inspired by the feeling of occupying the wrong spaces. I used to feel that in this society built by and for hetero white cis men. That wearing a crop top and skirt was inappropriate. Why provoke people who will never understand? I like to think of this look as “a look to provoke the Karens”. It goes against everything that you typically associate with “menswear”. Using dramatic stitches to make THE MIDI SKIRT look almost as if it was inflated and then deflated, furthering the idea of exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed by unwanted opinions. The slit is to contrast the intensity of the skirt while being a friendly reminder that showing off skin is for everyone.😘


This garment will be custom-made for your body. After the payment has been processed, a member of our team will reach out to you personally to get your measurements and coordinate fittings!

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