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THE ICONIC Pleated Maxi Dress
Handmade in Toronto using locally sourced materials

Inspired by THE MIDI SKIRT from my THE ICONS collection. This dress is my take on if you simply raised the skirt to your chest and tailored it to your body. Designed to sit right at the nipples, the dress fits so well to the body that it gives the illusion of a literal hourglass. It is ultimately a commentary on capitalism and how being a “fashion designer” these days is less about being an artist and more about being a business person. Take my entire show for example, for a designer. Doing a show is only worth it if you make back the money you invested into it. Simple business ROI. I may have to work a full-time job to fund my brand, and will likely take months to recover the debts from this show. This dress is my attempt to merge them both. A dress that is AMAZING on its own, but ties back to my THE ICONS collection. Currently available for pre-order on my website. Being a modern-day artist is about merging capitalism and art, I intend to use art to open conversations about capitalism and how we as humans play a role in it.


This garment will be custom-made for your body. After the payment has been processed, a member of our team will reach out to you personally to get your measurements and coordinate fittings!

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