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Stacked Ribbed Tank Dress
Handmade in Toronto using locally sourced materials

Inspired by what I would describe as the best-fitting tank top, this is the best-fitting tank dress. While designing it, the plan was to make my version of the LBD “Little Black Dress”. If you don’t know, postwar @dior started making the idea of the LBD. It was supposed to be the perfect black dress for the well-dressed woman. Since then, every brand has its version of what this looks like. Here’s mine. Living in our Western society, loungewear is a huge part of how we dress. Tank tops and hoodies are staples in our everyday wardrobe. I used to hate tank tops, maybe that was more about how I felt about myself at the time. I used to think It exposed too much. But then, this past summer changed everything. My chosen family brought me out to the beach, they showed me what it was like to be surrounded by queers at Hanlan’s. They showed me how to love the body I am in… naturally, this turned into a love for tank tops and the feeling of freedom they provide. I wanted to make something that took the simplicity of a tank top and turned it into a gown. Something fit for the runway, or you know… walking around the resort with your partner.


This garment will be custom-made for your body. After the payment has been processed, a member of our team will reach out to you personally to get your measurements and coordinate fittings!

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