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Oversized THE JACKET & THE MINI SKIRT (from THE ICONS capsule collection)
Handmade in Toronto using locally sourced materials.

It was really important for this part of the show to open with this look. When I think about my journey of discovering who I am and refining that voice I have inside. The one that wants to fight for others, be bold, make statements, and stand up for what they believe in. I think about @huanhua.m entering my life. Let me take you back a couple of years, I was a lower middle-class gay Vietnamese boy born to immigrant parents. I still am a lot of those things of course. But these words never meant anything to me before. Being queer, being Asian, being an immigrant, was always just words to me. Words that made me feel like I was lesser than them. That my voice deserved to be silenced, I was very soft-spoken and shy (unless you knew me really well). His radical way of thinking, I guess you could say… literally woke me up. Someone asked me the other day “How are you so confident?”, I said “it’s not about confidence. It’s about having something to say and being brave enough to say it unapologetically”. This part in the show is when everything changes from white to black. This look is inspired by the two main things he has taught me. Take up space, and be a cunt… The jacket is the same jacket from my RTW “THE ICONS” collection. Simply made 10x larger. Designed to flow and move when you walk, the train is tacked on the sides so it looks stacked while static and catches air while in motion.


This garment will be custom-made for your body. After the payment has been processed, a member of our team will reach out to you personally to get your measurements and coordinate fittings!

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